Why Archie Andrews is the Biggest Simp in Comic Books

It all started in the Winter of 1942, when the first solo issue of one Archie Andrews was printed by MLJ Comics. Along with him came the whole cast of characters that come with the small town of Riverdale. Whether it’s Betty, the plain jane girl next door, or Veronica the rich new girl, or even Sabrina the witch from across the river; there was always a girl for Archie to fawn over and drop everything for.

Archie and Betty in the comics go all the way back to the 50’s

Betty Cooper has been a character that has existed as long as Archie has. She made her debut in the same 4 page comic in the back of a Shield Comic with Archie and Jughead. She was always seen as the girl who Archie was supposed to end up with someday. They were, as it’s called today “endgame”. Betty was his highschool sweetheart, or at least she was, until the new girl came to town.

Everyone Loves The New Girl

Veronica was introduced as a foil to Betty in the third issue of “Archie: The Mirth of The Nation”. Betty was the simple girl next door. Veronica was the spoiled rich girl who seemed to live for spending her Daddy’s money. She caught the eye of every guy in Riverdale as soon as she moved to town, Archie included.

This was supposed to be the end.

This psuedo-rivalry between Betty and Veronica went on for nearly 50 years, with Archie always going back and forth between the two girls, dropping everything, including his best friend Jughead whenever either of them needed anything. It was supposed to end in 1994 with a 4-issue series simply titled “The Love Showdown”. It was sold as if this was going to be where Archie finally chose who he was going to take to the big end of the year dance at Riverdale High, effectively choosing who was going to be “his girl” for the rest of his life. Lo and behold, no choice was made. Instead, they introduced a third girl to catch Archie’s eye.

He’s already got a brunette and a blonde, why not add a redhead?

Archie Andrews was always meant to be this awkward ginger kid that everyone could relate to. There is no logical reason why he should be able to get one hot girl in town to pay attention to him, much less 3. However, it didn’t stop with Cheryl, Betty, and Veronica.

Archie’s jumping from girl to girl has expanded past the page into the best known on screen adaptation of the comics. In the CW’s Riverdale, he’s gone from his music teacher, to Veronica, to Melody, to Betty, to Josie.

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