TVD World Love, Drama, and Future

The Vampire Diaries was a very popular television show in the CW network from 2009-2017. Spoiler’s are about to be given so if you plan to watch turn back now! The Vampire Diaries was a show that fans wanted to watch over and over again. Thanks to Netflix fans have been able to continue to re-watch and new fans have been created. The show follows a troubled high school girl (Elena) through her life and meeting a new guy (Stephan) after the death of her parents. Stephan is a vampire who has run away from his troubles for years, one of those troubles being his brother Damon. Eventually, Stephan and Elena fall in love but not long after she falls for his brother. Fans are split between wishing Stelena stays a couple, or Delena stays together forever.

While filming Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) start dating in in real life. Delena fans are ecstatic and constantly follow the couple for a few years until they tragically break up but they are still dating on the show *AWKWARD*. Ian then marries Nina’s friend, Nikki Reed, whom he met through his ex-girlfriend while they were together. Ian and Nikki lead a happy life for many years even having a child together.

There has been gossip recently in the TVD world! The first bit of gossip being that Ian and wife Nikki have divorced. Fans have had high hopes that Ian and Nina are back together all over one post on Instagram made by Nina. Though fans are sad for the low times that Ian and his family could be going through they are excited Delena could be a thing again. There has also been exciting roomers about a spin off in 2021 which has fans hoping for a better closing than they got in 2017 but we may never know the truth.

The TVD fans hope all of the stars the best but can’t help but be excited for the future of the characters they love so deeply!

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