Top Three Apps to Have as a Dog Owner

Have you ever wondered why you can’t find the right stuff for your dogs on Amazon or a pet store? Have you ever felt like everything is overpriced for your pet? As a dog owner I am still learning what to do for my pup and when to do it. I am totally obsessed with my dog and want to give him the best life possible (and yes I know that’s silly because he is just a dog). I have been wondering into the world of animal apps so I can be a better dog mom. So here are the top three must have apps if you have a pup!

  1. Chewy- If you have a dog and don’t already have this app you need it right now. This is great because it has everything under the sun for animals. You can have medicine, food, toys, etc. you name it… shipped right to your front door. They even do discounted shipping for things you order often such as food or treats. They set up auto shipping so that you life is even easier.
  2. FitBark- This going to be the perfect app for monitoring your dogs activity. If you are a very busy person who still wants your dog to have an active life, this is a great way to track activity. It uses a little monitor on their collar so it will be a constant reminder for you if they don’t reach daily activity levels. This will help you keep a happy and healthy pup!
  3. BarkHappy- This is a great way to get a new doggy date! It is a perfect way to find places that are dog friendly in your area while finding other dogs that your pup can mingle with. It will be the best app for dog parents who love to travel with their pup!!

Keep your pups hAPPy!! Join the doggy app world.

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