Top 10 Chadwick Boseman Roles That Are NOT Black Panther

The recent death of the great Chadwick Boseman hit fans of the cinematic world hard and heavy. It was news to the majority that he lost a long, 4-year battle to cancer. The sudden breaking news of his death came with a myriad of condolences, praises and thanks for him continuing to work through fighting cancer and delivering classic films to his fans.

However, the amount of outpour and praise for Boseman’s role as the King of Wakanda, T’Challa, in Marvel’s Black Panther completely overshadowed the other countless great performances he has given us. Therefore, here is a list of the top 10 Chadwick Boseman roles that are NOT Black Panther simply because he has not been given proper credit for his incredible range as an actor!

10. Lt. Samuel Drake in The Kill Hole (2012)

Boseman plays Lt. Samuel Drake, a troubled vet tormented by his actions while deployed in Iraq. While discharged, he tries to piece put his life back together while working odd jobs and living in a motel room. While on this path to a fresh start, Drake’s new life is broken again when two execs present him with a new mission: find and kill Sgt. Devin Carter, a Marine Corps. sniper gone AWOL. This sniper knows the truth about Drake’s past so it is an offer hard to refuse. A movie centered on war and the scars it leaves on those who fight, the film’s official synopsis tells us, “The Kill Hole is a story of one man who is forced to face his violent past, and the uneasy bond he forms with a mysterious assassin.” This movie is free to stream on Tubi and Vudu.

9. Thoth in God’s of Egypt (2016)

Boseman plays a much more minor role in this film as Thoth, the Egyptian God of Knowledge and Wisdom. The film is about a mortal hero, Bek, who teams up with Horus in an alliance against Set, the God of Darkness, who has taken over Egypt’s throne, catapulting the peaceful empire into complete and utter chaos. This movie is available to rent or buy on iTunes, Google Play, Prime Video, and more. Below is a clip of Boseman thriving as Thoth:

8. Vontae Mack in Draft Day (2014)

This film is about the soon to be fired (fictional) GM of the NFL’s Cleveland Browns, Sonny Weaver, played by Kevin Costner. Weaver must decide what to do after his team acquires the number one draft pick after being threatened to be fired if he does not improve the team’s record and ticket sales. Boseamn plays Vontae Mack, Weaver’s initial first choice for the number one draft pick, and (fictional) linebacker for Ohio State, over Bo Callahan. You can rent or buy this movie on iTunes, Youtube, Prime Video, and more.

7. Reprised roles as T’Challa in Avenger’s Infinity War (2018), Avenger’s Endgame (2019), Captain America: Civil War (2016), etc. All available on Disney+

6. Stormin’ Norman in Da 5 Bloods (2020)

The most recent of his films released before his untimely death, Boseman plays Stormin’ Norman in Spike Lee’s, Da 5 Bloods. The film highlights 4 black veterans battling the forces of “the man” and nature when they go back to Vietnam in order to find the remains of their late squad leader and the gold that he helped them hide years ago. This film is available to stream with certain plans on Netflix. Below is Boseman’s last scene:

5. Thurgood Marshall in Marshall (2017)

Boseman stars in the biopic of Thurgood Marshall’s life. Marshall was a lawyer who later became the first black Supreme Court Justice. Boseman won a BET Award for Best Actor and was nominated for Outstanding Actor by Black Reel in 2018 for his performance in this film. The film is available to stream on BET+ or to rent or buy on Google Play, Youtube, Prime Video, and others.

4. James Brown in Get On Up (2014)

In yet another biopic role, Boseman plays the late great James Brown, depicting his story of rising from extreme poverty to becoming one of the most influential African American musicians of all time. Boseman was nominated for Black Reel’s Outstanding Actor Award in 2015 and for Best Actor by Dublin Film Critics in 2014 for his portrayal of Brown. He also won Santa Barbara’s International Film Festival’s Virtuoso Award in 2014 for this role. This film is available to stream free on HBOMax. Watch one of the most famous scenes from the film here:

3. Andre Davis in 21 Bridges (2019)

21 Bridges is about a dedicated, highly intelligent NYPD detective, Andre Davis who is thrown into a citywide manhunt for 2 criminals who killed a number of policemen after uncovering a massive and unexpected conspiracy theory. The movie takes the audience through many twists, turns, and double crosses in this thriller. The film is available to stream free on Showtime and fuboTV.

2. Jacob King in Message From the King (2016)

Jacob King travels to LA from Capetown (a country in South Africa) in search of his estranged sister. Along the way, he learns a lot about his sister’s private life, acquaintances, himself, and the double lives of many business owners. There’s also a shocking ending about who King really is. The film is available to stream on Netflix.

  1. Jackie Robinson in 42 (2013)

Yet another biopic, debated to be his best Boseman portrays the life of the legendary Jackie Robinson, the first black man to integrate the MLB, signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Of course, experiencing extreme racism during his experience. Boseman was nominated for Hollywood’s Breakthrough Performance of the Year in 2014, Black Reel’s Outstanding Breakthrough Performance Award, and CFCA’s Most Promising Performer Award in 2013 for his portrayal of Robinson. Ironically, Boseman passed away on Jackie Robinson Day. You can rent or buy the film on Google Play, Vudu, iTunes, and others. Watch one of the most famous scenes from the film here: