The World is a Mess, so I Went to Joe Biden’s Animal Crossing Island

I will admit, 2020 has turned me into a cynic. I spent my time reading the news, and slowly losing any bit of faith that I had left in humanity. Usually, a notification that has anything to do with the election just makes me feel drained. Yet I actually smiled, when I saw the notification come through that simply said, “Here’s How to Visit Joe Biden’s Animal Crossing Island”. I’d been dressed up for Halloween, but I knew I needed to at least look presentable if I was going to his island. I made sure I had on my mask, before I laid in bed and entered the dream address.

Once I arrived, I immediately checked the custom design kiosk for anything interesting, and was greeted with plenty of Biden/Harris t-shirts.

As soon as I saw the “I’m Speaking” Hat, and the pride hoodie, I knew I had to change.

There were plenty of things on the Island to explore.

From the polling place, to the public park, to the flag of flowers, there was a lot to see and do on the island that was called “Biden HQ”. There was so much to see on this island. The real treat was in the “Polling Center”

It was a lot to take in, from all the posters, to the flyers. One of the rooms even had a poster that simply said “Text AC to 30330”. After texting it, it gave you a link to a custom design that wasn’t available at the kiosk.

I, of course, had to finish my visit to Biden HQ for a photo with the man himself.

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