‘The Walking Dead’ May Be Ending, But It’s Not The End…

AMC has officially given the beloved zombie apocalypse show ‘The Walking Dead’ 24 episodes to end the series. This was announced shortly after the finale of Season 10 aired and also with the announcement of the newly created spin-off ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’. This will further add to the entire universe of ‘The Walking Dead’ with the further film spin-off films featuring Rick Grimes and the television show with stars Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier.

The Season 10 Finale gave us the end of the Whisperer War, and theories are being tossed around that the final season will be introducing the Commonwealth. This leads both to ‘The Walking Dead: World Beyond’ and a callback to the last season in which lead Rick Grimes was taken in a mysterious helicopter with a symbol of three circles intersecting. However, this was not the first introduction to the Commonwealth in the franchise.

Another beloved spin-off ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ has featured the same helicopters prior to the main series. The timeline of all three shows is unclear, but showing these helicopters in coordination to the Commonwealth is showing the possibility of a crossover. This is more likely the case as the main series character Morgan has been featured on ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ for a large amount of the show.

The later seasons introduce Savior character Dwight, showing that this is likely after ‘The Walking Dead’ storyline of the Saviors and Negan in Season 8. The finale of this season shows Dwight leaving to find his wife, in which Morgan and the others find him in Texas.

The show has been airing for over a decade now, and the entire cast has been through hardship after hardship while in their settlements across Virginia. While steering away from the comic series years ago, fans are not exactly sure where the series will go with the final season starting in the Fall of 2021 and ending in 2022.

What will we see in the final moments of ‘The Walking Dead’? Only time will tell. Being separate from the comic series for a few seasons now only opens more doors of speculation and guessing. This series has shown before that no one is immortal and that any head could be on the chopping block for the sake of the storyline. We’ll all have to wait until next year to know for sure of the faith of our favorite survivors.

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