Selena Gomez Launches New Makeup Line

Selena Gomez, known for her Disney Channel acting and successful music career, has launched her own line of makeup called Rare Beauty. For the last two years, Gomez has been working on the designing and launch of her very own make up line. Her goal for the line was “a little something for everyone,” so she made it significantly more inclusive than many brands have previously (with 48 shades of foundation and concealer).  

The line includes plenty for any makeup lover or newbie to start out with but does not have any eyeshadow or any fun colors besides the blush and lips. Some notable (and likely to sell out fast!) products are the Always An Optimist Illuminating Primer,

Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation (shade 510W)

the Liquid Touch Weightless Foundation (again, in 48 shades!),

the Liquid Touch Brightening Concealer (48 shades), the With Gratitude Dewy Lip Balm (8 shades), the Soft Pinch Liquid Blush (8 shades), 

Soft Pinch Liquid Blush (shade Love)

the Lip Soufflé Matte Lip Cream (12 shades), 

the Positive Light Liquid Luminizer (8 shades), and the Always An Optimist 4-In-1 Mist.

Blot and Glow Touch Up Kit

Also included in the line are some tools- a sponge, as well as some brushes, a touch-up kit, and more. 

Liquid Touch Foundation Brush

The line launched on the Rare Beauty website, as well as at Sephora.

A big selling point (literally) is the price range. Every product is $29 or less. The items range from a $5 pack of blotting sheets, up to the foundation, which is $29.  

The products can be found at and on the Sephora website.

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