How Social Media May Be Destroying Your Love Life

If you have ever been in the same room with your partner and you are both on your mobile devices checking your social media accounts, you may find yourself so engrossed that you fail to check on your partner sitting in the room with you. As technology and social media have evolved, more couples have drifted apart due to less face-to-face interaction. It has been most obvious over the past decade. If you live on your phone more than in reality with your significant other, the following is for you.

Social media is essentially just as addictive as using drugs. Unfortunately, this type of addiction is rampant amongst children as well as adults. Stop to consider how much time, how many minutes or hours you spend on social media every day. You might surprise yourself by how much time you spend or waste on social media. Imagine the effect on your relationships this addiction can have. You can see it at restaurants where kids, parents, siblings, couples, and friends sit together to have a meal, but none of them are looking at each other or engaging with each other. Most likely, they are all on their mobile devices. Sadly, you will see this in schools and groups of children and teens looking at their phones instead of actually interacting with one another. 

If checking your social media feeds is more important than being with your family and friends, you are likely addicted. If you cannot go longer than just a few minutes without checking your phone, you are likely addicted.

You could be spending that time engaging in the real world with your loved ones and friends. Think of the meaningful conversations and memories you miss out on because of social media. Communication involves conversations that enrich a relationship and is crucial in any marriage. Without communication, intimacy is less valued and important to couples. With communication, you have a spouse that is your best friend as well as your lover. Depression, anxiety, and similar mental health issues may be exacerbated by social media overuse as well. It is difficult enough to watch a loved one or a friend go through depression and anxiety without the social media influence.

The lines between reality and social media may become blurred, which results in causing mental health issues. It is highly likely to make existing mental health issues worse. This is primarily a big issue in teenagers, but it is also problematic for adults. There are several reasons mental health issues occur from using social media. It can make you feel lonely seeing other people so happy, wielding all attributes for a successful relationship. It can make you feel less than what you are when you see pretty people with great bodies. That is not what life is all about. 

Tomorrow isn’t promised, so you need to enjoy the people who love you most as much as you can. Love harder, check on your friends and family, and hug them as often as you can.

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