Breaking Down the Popularity Behind Among Us

By now you’ve probably heard of the very popular game, “Among Us” created by game developer, Innersloth. Well if you haven’t let’s break it down:

The game starts with 10 astronauts on a spaceship (there are 2 other maps as well but this one is most popular) and they’re given specific tasks to complete throughout the ship. Here’s the catch, 1-3 of those astronauts are imposters, and their objectives are to kill all other crewmates among the ship. They can achieve this by either simply killing all innocent crewmates or sabotaging important items on the ship like sabotaging the oxygen level or causing the ship to explode by tampering with the ship’s main reactors. If you’re the imposter you need to be careful when sneaking around claiming your victims because once you kill a crewmate their bodies are left their to be discovered by other crewmates to which they will report it. This is where things get interesting, now is time for discussion. During gameplay you aren’t allowed to talk or communicate, so when a dead body is reported everyone has a chance to figure out who the imposter(s) is. Once the imposters have been voted out you win but be careful who you vote out because you could vote out innocent people. Wrongfully voting out innocent people will give the imposter an advantage because that’s less people they must worry about.

SHHH! There’s an imposter!

Now that we have a better understanding of this game, lets talk about its popularity. Why is it that this game came out in June 15, 2018, but has just now gained so much popularity around September 2020? People believe that the game gained so much traction thanks to popular streamers and YouTubers playing together on this game. With other games releasing like Fall Guys and the beta to the new Call of Duty, this game has stormed in and taken its rightful place on top games of the year. The game is very different from what the mainstream game developers make. If you haven’t already be sure to try out this free to play deduction game which is available on IOS, Android, and PC. 

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