Apple’s New iPhone 12

Apple’s new iPhone 12 is now available to the public, and the question that most people have is, is it worth it? Well here is where we will find out whether the new iPhone is worth it.

Apple first showcased their new iPhone 12 on October 13, 2020 in their Hi, Speed event. The new phone will feature 5G for faster speeds and less lag. iPhone 12 will integrate the A14 Bionic chip in order to generate a greater battery life, and to help with the camera features, which will be discussed later in this blog. The screen will be less bezel, meaning there will be less borders around the screen in order to utilize more room on the screen for more productivity.

The iPhone 12 will have a ceramic shield which is known to be the toughest smartphone glass. The phone will be protected with medical grade stainless steel and will be water resistant.

The iPhone 12 will introduce a whole new perspective of photography with the new dark mode camera. This allows more in-depth photos and allows it to produce more compelling pictures. Dolby has even been compared with recording 60x more colors. Apple has included Dolby Vision Recording which is something that no pro movie cameras or any ordinary phone camera has ever done. The camera will have an advanced portrait mode in order to breakthrough Apple’s earlier models.

This phone looks like it will be worth it if you are someone who enjoys taking a lot of photos. The iPhone 12 is now available in four finishing touches, Pacific Blue, Gold, Silver, and Graphite.

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