Animal Crossing: New Horizon’s Fall Update Has Arrived

September is over, and October is here to say BOO to the world of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. On September 30th, the world was blessed with an update providing the fall content that players have been craving.

An animal crossing character waving while standing in a budding pumpkin patch behind a jack-o-lantern.

There have been confirmed to be many spooky items and clothing coming to the game in the coming month, but loyal time travelers are getting their hands on things early. Many are thrilled with the new mechanic of farming and being able to cultivate our own pumpkins for crafting and decoration. Players are now able to grow pumpkins in four possible colors: orange, white, yellow, and green. Pumpkin-start items can be purchased from Nook’s Cranny or from Leif when he is in the Plaza.

On the topic of pumpkins, players also have access to a variety of limited-time furniture in Nook’s Cranny that has been a large part of the Halloween season for many of the previous Animal Crossing games. These include items such as scarecrows, chairs, and a variety of more all with a lovely pumpkin theme.

We can also now say hello to the czar of Halloween himself, Jack. While he is not quite the Pumpkin King like the one and only Jack Skellington, Jack does allow our villages to be rampant with fun and mischief. Make sure you stock up on candy this year! Your villagers would hate playing a trick on you if you didn’t buy enough.

While some towns and cities across the world may not get the ‘traditional’ Halloween, hopefully, this update allows us to celebrate in a new way at home. Have a costume party with friends via online play, take photos in your own personal pumpkin patch. Enjoy the newly accessible skin tones and eye colors, be spooky all year long! This is the first Autumn season for players of New Horizons, and many are already embracing sweater weather and beanies before the first leaf even hits the ground.

This update is one of two coming for the rest of 2020, and the only hints we have towards the updating coming in November is images of Franklin and Jingle from the Harvest Festival and Toy Day events respectively. What will these updates entail? Only time with know as we continue to start our fields, check on our flowers, and live the best life possible on our no longer deserted islands.

A happy female character standing in a pumpkin patch of orange, yellow, green, and white pumpkins.
Happy Harvesting!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is available only on Nintendo Switch consoles, can be found at multiple retailers. To access the 1.5.0 Fall update, you must be connected to the internet in order to download the new content.